Cannot add 3rd and 4th Standalone Alien as mesh points

  • I have been using 2 standalone Alien routers (one as main and second as mesh point) for 2 years and they performed amazingly.

    I bought 2 more standalone Alien routers and tried to add as extra mesh points but in vain. After using the app to add them as mesh points , the LCD screen shown that could not connect and suggested to move closer to the main router. Tried that and also did the factory reset but still in vain.

    Truly appreciate if you could assist to solve the problems.

  • Hi @Anthony-Bucks - are the new Aliens on the same firmware revision as your exiting Aliens?

    If not, you may need to temporarily independently install each new Alien in standard DHCP router or Bridge mode, update the firmware, factory reset, and then attempt to install as a RAMP

  • Hi Derek and all:

    I already tried your method last night and update both Alien to the latest firmware then do the factory reset , but unfortunately still can’t connect them as my 3rd and fourth mesh points .

    Any more suggestions you could provide? Truly appreciate your help.

  • Hi @Anthony-Bucks - that is an unusual situation

    Just to confirm, all 4 units are from the same region correct, either North America or European models?
    It is not possible to mesh together units from different regions

    The next common recommendation would be to factory reset your original main router and RAMP and do a reinstall

    Since your two original Aliens are out of warranty now I would personally attempt a swap...

    • powering down your current router and RAMP
    • install one of the new Aliens as the main router
    • install the new Alien RAMP and make sure everything is working as expected
    • then factory reset old Alien RAMP and install it to the new router and make sure it is working correctly
    • only then factory reset the old Alien router and install it as a RAMP

    That way you keep your original router as a backup to turn back on in case there is some other reason the new Aliens weren't meshing

  • @Derek-Saville

    Hi Derek:

    I bought the first 2 from website in US as there were no Alien router in Hong Kong at that time. And i bought the 3rd and 4th in Hong Kong this year as Amplifi finally allow Hong Kong to sell the Alien by the local distributor.

    Now I am in Canada and believe I can’t do the refund . Any chance to change the ROM of the Hong Kong 3rd and 4th Alien Router to the US version in order for me to use as mesh point here in Canada?

    Thanks once again for your support

  • Hi @Anthony-Bucks - sorry, they have different hardware / radio configuration and there is no known way to make them compatible

    The only option would be to install one set in Bridge mode (if you can get a remote Ethernet connection) and run two independently managed networks

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