Devices "sticking" to mesh point even when closer to router

  • Hello....I'm wondering if there are Amplifi Instant or HD users who experience this?

    I have the Instant Kit and find the mesh point is a bit lackluster. Instant is upstairs and mesh is downstairs.

    I can turn off the mesh and at some places in the house I get almost 150mbps but hover around 30 mbps with the mesh point.

    1. Is it advised to get another Instant and use as RAMP to replace the mesh?
    2. Any other suggestions?
    3. I'm considering upgrading to the HD eventually, btw.


  • I'm considering getting an extra Instant and use that as a RAMP which may function better than the Mesh unit that came with the Instant. Thanks!

  • Hi @richfetcho - a standalone Instant RAMP should be the same performance wise as the Instant Meshpoint that came in the Instant Kit

    My advice would be to purchase a standalone HD router and first test it as a replacement of the Instant Mesh Kit
    (considering you are eventually planning to go that route anyways)

    With the improved range and performance of the HD you may get full acceptable WiFi coverage without the need of an additional mesh point

    You would also have the option of installing the HD as a RAMP if you decide to keep the Instant Mesh Kit in place as your main router, just take the Instant Meshpoint from the kit offline, effectively replacing it with the HD, and see how that setup works

    Depending on how those two scenarios work, you can later decide if it is worth ditching the Instant Mesh Kit altogether and getting another standalone RAMP if necessary

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