Enabling 160MHz/DFS Channels causing WiFi to disconnect randomly

  • so after waiting for so long to receive the DFS/160Mhz option for the amplify alien (I am on FW 3.6.0) it finally came, but I have a serious issue, and I hope someone else is experiencing this or can help.
    Issue: After enabling DFS channels and turning on 160Mhz for my 5ghz WiFi 6 radio, my devices randomly disconnect/reconnect, could be once in an hour, could be multiple times in 10 minutes, it is completely random but consistently happens. As soon as I disable DFS/160 the random disconnects stop, so this issue is really killing me because I have been waiting for this option for months now and I can't even use it. is anyone facing this issue? I hope it is just a bug in the firmware controlling these aspects of the router, because this is pretty sh**ty. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • @thirtythr33 Hello, we are sorry that you have issues with the AmpliFi router. Please contact our support team.

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