Steam Downloads Crush Amplfi Router

  • I'm able to reproduce this issue and I need to confirm if anyone else has this issue.

    When I initiate a Steam game download, my Amplifi router becomes overwhelmed. Ping time responses go from sub 1ms to 100s of ms. Eventually the wifi will stop broadcasting (all wireless clients drop and I can't find the SSID when I scan for it) and if I wait a bit longer the router will stop responding to pings and cease all wired traffic.

    When I do an Ookla Speedtest, Netflix speediest, or any other web traffic, I'm able to max out my internet connect and the router continues to operate as expected (sub ms response times, wifi works fine, etc).

    When I kick off a Steam download - bang, my router starts to meltdown again.

    My desktop with Steam has a 1Gbps wired connection and my internet is through Spectrum 200mbps down / 10mbps up.

  • @Jasonthoms I can confirm this as well. Also, from my ex beperience, it's not exclusive to just downloading Steam games. Overall performance drops for every device/service on my network during the time - Sometimes so much that hardware streaming device(s) on my LAN will lock up and redirect to their default home screens.

    You're definitely not alone OP; at least its a relatively snappy 180⁰ recovery after cancellation or completion of said downloads. For reference: I'm on a 400mbps↓/50mbps↑plan with my ISP (Spectrum) using a self provided Arris SB6190 modem. Speed tests from multiple webpage sources on desktop (hardwired) are usually within an acceptable 275 ~ 325mbps↓ and testing within the AmpliFi app wirelessly on both iOS and Android average around 180mbps↓ - but that's certainly not the speeds those above devices get when im downloading a new game or large update from Steam like in your example.

    I'm soon getting rid of my AmpliFi Instant system in the near future as it was not at all what I was expecting or hoping it would be. I use and have worked with a ton of different Ubiquiti devices and was accustomed to being able dump logs for my own review and etc to determine where a network issue may be coming from. Definitely just going to spend the extra bit of money and buy Ubiquiti's true equipment.

  • @ewrx ubiquiti isn’t getting more of my money because they can’t design a residential access point and router to handle 200Mbps of network traffic without melting down.

    I resurrected an old server and installed OPNsense on it and relegated my amplifi kit to just handling WiFi traffic.

    Very disappointed in my purchase.

  • Can you please share a support file number for your case?

  • I have been having this issue with any large file download, especially games. Doesn't really matter if it's from Steam, Ubisoft or whatever.
    As long as the speed maxes out (gigabit connection) over a few minutes, the entire router hangs. I lose internet connection and have to restart the router which will fix it instantly.

    Edit: came here from a search and noticed that this is for the Amplifi Instant, I have the same issue with Amplifi HD. Using ethernet connection.

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