Alien RAMP with Ethernet Backbone going to 100Mbps

  • I've got 2 Aliens in my setup, the RAMP connected with Ethernet Backbone. My home is wired with cat5e cabling (I know cat6 would be better but it was put in when the house was built and would be a pain to replace now). I've had the Aliens for a little over a year by now but recently and only after upgrading to 3.6.0 (basically last 3 or so weeks) I've noticed that the connection speed to the RAMP has gone down to 100Mbps speeds (down from the normal ~1Gbps speeds). I noticed because I periodically run a mesh speed test on the RAMP. The only way to get it back (apparently only temporarily) to 1Gbps has been to reboot the main Alien (rebooting the RAMP hasn't helped) or move the cable to a different LAN port on the main. Probably doesn't matter but just in case I have the following connected to the main LAN ports: Port 1: a 16 port switch that handles (most) of the home's LAN ports, Port 2/3: the one where I've connected the cable that goes to my RAMP (or switch between when I notice speed drop), Port 4: cable that goes to another switch for the home office (no, the RAMP is not actually in the home office as it's not the optimal placement).

    Has anyone else noticed something similar happening to their setups? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @oscartoro unfortunately, I haven't had much like regarding this neither. I posted this back in April, but I never received any response. I ended up giving up and switching to the wireless backbone.


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