2 amplifi by wire

  • Hi there, I have one amplifi running to my isp via ethernet but wish to add a second also connected via ethernet. I'm fairly certain I could just add a managed switch in between my isp and the amplifi's, turning off their dhcp, letting the switch assign the it's to them.

    My question is when adding the second amplifi will it allow me to configure it for the first time without being in bridge mode and with its dhcp turned off

  • @yan6 https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006826048-How-to-Enable-Ethernet-Wired-Backhaul

    Not sure why you need a switch, your first Amplifi should have a spare port.

  • Your right of course, I forgot to describe my layout. My house is a 2500sqft U shaped bungalow with a courtyard in the middle. On one side I have an amplifi in my living room, served by my isp which is in the garage. On the other side of the house I receive no signal and wish to place another amplifi. All the ethernet jacks come back to the garage where my isp is. I wouldn't have a spare cable to run back from the first amplifi to the garage to plug the second one into

    I hope that makes sense

  • Hi @yan6 - are you using an ISP gateway router and your AmpliFi in the living room is in Bridge mode?

    Or is your AmpliFi the DHCP router and you only have an ISP modem in the garage?

  • Hi Derek, currently the isp in the garage and the amplifi in the living room are both in bridge mode. If I'm not mistaken the amplifi in the living room is doing the dhcp.

    In the new configuration I think this will need to change to:

    Isp still in bridge mode -->Netgear gs305e-100nas doing dhcp-->Amplifi 1& 2 with dhcp turned off and connected by wire to the netgear

  • Hi @yan6 - sorry if I can't fully understand your current setup because Bridge on the AmpliFi disables DHCP

    However, your plan to have a DHCP router in the garage (Netgear managed switch?) and the AmpliFi in the living room in Bridge mode sounds like a good option

    Then you could install a second standalone AmpliFi on the other side of the house as an Ethernet backhaul mesh point (tied to the AmpliFi in the living room through the garage), or also in Bridge mode as a second independently managed WiFi network, whichever you prefer

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