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    My amplifi HD router adapter (power supply) is not working, the product's model is: GP-M015-QC I have tried to use third party ones with same specs to see if that fixes the problem, the unit lights up but then I get a "adapter error" after a few seconds. When I try to order an adapter from the US site, it tells me that they do not ship to Canada and the Canadian site does not even have them available at the website for purchase like the US website!!! what do I do? This is my first amplifi/ubiquiti product and I feel quite dissapointed, I just purchased the system a few months ago. I have sent emails to Canadian retailers and nobody even carries the adapter! I only got one email back from "someone" and just told me that they don't have that product and to try memory express but they don't have the original product either and it seems that it will only work with an original product not an aftermarket adapter. How is it so difficult to to find a compatible adapter or to even purchase a new one from your sites? I have read in blogs and other post that I'm not the only one that has or had this issue.

    So now what do I do now? Could someone please advice on how to proceed? I'm more than willing to pay for the adapter as I need it ASAP!!!

    Thank you for you time.


  • Hi @Eloy-Salazar,

    I do not know what power adapter you have in Canada.

    But I bought this euro adapter on Amazon and it works fine.

    Please see below forum thread:

    Information is as is.



  • @Mikael-Johansson Hey, so I got the adapter and cable today and I am glad to say that it works good so far!!! Thank you for the sugestion Mikael-Johansson. This is what I got to replace the adapter for the AmpliFi HD:


    C to C cable:

    Total cost was about $65.00 CAD instead of $12.99 USD (for the original) but at least the issue is fixed. I was going to upgrade to the AmpliFi Alien but after all this and the poor costumer service I got I'm not going to spend another cent with this company. Lesson learned I guess. Again I don't understand why they just don't have shipping available to Canada or the rest of the world in day and age.

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