Moca Ethernet backhaul = a great combo

  • I’ve had the kit for a while and kept moving the mesh unit to get a stronger signal but the mesh would not get above 50mbps consistently (I have a 200 mbps plan).

    This weekend I installed 2 GoCoax units and ran the mesh unit with Ethernet back haul using the coax and it’s night and day better.

    I’m getting around 220 mbps on each floor and there’s 1 unit upstairs and 1 downstairs.

    So far it’s great and would recommend trying if your wifi backhaul isn’t working well for you.


  • @richfetcho
    Short update. After a few weeks the moca is running great. Highly recommended for those who want to use Ethernet backhaul but don’t have Ethernet cabling in the house. Cheers!


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