Unable to pair Teleport

  • I'm trying to follow through the direction booklet that came with my Teleport. I see this screen when I connect to the "Teleport XXXXXX" network:

    If I open the app while connected to the Teleport wifi, it says "AmpliFi devices not found." If I open the app while connected to my home wifi, it says "Everything is great".

    But I'm not getting the pairing request anywhere.

  • It looks like this is because my teleport came as part of a pack. Is there a way to break the association between the router in the pack since I already have a full network setup with AmpliFi?

  • @UBNT-Karlis: It looks like @Andrew-Kraut's teleport behaves like standalone, which it isn't. What's your understanding of the situation?

  • I just sent support info from the Teleport in it's current state to beta@

  • The same thing with my teleport. Absolutly the same behavior.

  • Has there been any resolution to this issue? I received a standalone Teleport yesterday and am experiencing the same behavior as described above. Please advise as to how to resolve.

  • @michael-moore This post was in regards to a AmpliFi Teleport kit, you said yours is a standalone unit so the issue may be a little different.

    First, make sure your teleport is ready to be paired. The LED light on Teleport will have the top half flashing when it is ready to be paired.
    While connected to your AmpliFi network (not the un-secure network being broadcast by Teleport) navigate to:

    From there you can select to pair the devices.

  • 0_1518297307536_521CA613-69AF-45EC-848C-298687012CF8.png

    hi i uploaded this pic when i went to the url below when connected the the teleports ssid


    it says to download the amplifi teleport app? this app doesn’t exist in the itunes store... i bought a stand-alone teleport since i already had the amplifi router and am trying to pair them together, thanks for your help

  • i also read through the included instructions with the standalone teleport and it says to connect to the teleport icon in the amplifi app? that icon/section doesn’t even exist, is there some pending app update meant to come out? this thing is useless right now for those who bought the standalone unit

  • actually i misread your post, i connected via the amplifi network and was able to pair the teleport but i still have issues with upnp which i’ll post a new thread about thanks

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