Should I enable QoS?

  • I searched the forums of a more recent discussion but couldn't find any. If there is already one please point me to it.

    As of v3.6.0 should I enable QoS? I have Verizon Fios 1 gigabit. I don't notice any issues but I didn't know if enabling it actually helps the devices I marked as gaming and streaming in the app get prioritized.

  • I got my answer from support on the feature so it looks like I do not need to enable it. I was only concerned about the local LAN QoS.

    The QOS settings in the web UI optimizes or sets a priority to specific traffic and controls latency on WAN. Whereas, the one in the app controls latency on connected clients (LAN). So QOS under WebUI doesn't need to be enabled, for QOS on LAN to work.

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