Advice needed on setup

  • Dear readers,

    Soon I will be renovating the entire house. This is the moment to put Ethernet throughout my house and make one dedicated network closet.
    But before I start I have a few questions and I hope u guys can help me out.

    Does Ethernet backhaul work through a switch in this manner:

    ISP -> Switch -> main HD AMPLIFI
    Switch - > second HD AMPLIFI
    Switch -> third HD AMPLIFI

    Will this work or should use the following set up?

    ISP -> main HD AMPLIFI -> switch -> second /third AMPLIFI HD.

    Please mind my English since it isn’t my primary language. Thank you in advance!

  • @Martijn-P You may not need a switch as the HD has four ethernet ports. You can just connect the second and third HD's to the first one. This would still leave you one free port on the first HD should you need a switch for other ethernet devices.

  • @Matthew-Leeds
    Thank you for your reply,
    The reason why I want to use the switch is because I’m planning on putting Ethernet throughout the house on different floors using Ethernet wall sockets. And I wasn’t planning on leading al those cables to the different mash routers instead I was planning on making a small patchpanel in a closet.

  • @Martijn-P I'm assuming that by "EtherNet wall sockets" you don't mean the ethernet over a/c wiring (one brand being "PowerWall" adapters, which of course cannot deliver the performance of "home run" Ethernet cable runs from a central point to every point where an RJ45 cable can be plugged in. If you do mean something like PowerWall, you likely will get variable performance from adapters plugged into a/c outlets not fed by the same circuit on your home wiring. I'm guessing that's NOT your plan, but just though t it should be clarified.