Speed Tests from Alien Router and Mesh different speeds

  • When I run a speed test directly from the LCD screens of the router and router acting as a mesh, I get two different speeds.

    From the router I get about 280MBs download and 38MBs upload on a 1.2GB plan via a Firewall device connected to ISP

    From the router acting as a mesh, hardwired via an 8 port switch, and switch hardwired to the main router, I get like 956MB up and down.

    Why the difference?

  • Hello hope you have found your solution already but if not this is not a problem with the devices. This is an issue with your setup. Either cabling is not CAT 6 or 5e 350 MHz and if not any router not rated for Gigabit will struggle at any speeds over 300 Mbps. If you have a router with IDS IPS enabled you will not be able to reach these speeds. I don't know why your setup has more than 2x routers and why the mesh is also hard wired (defeats the purpose). I have a 1Gb and have gig NIc plugged over CAT 6 to a managed Gb Switch which is plugged to another managed Gb switch which is plugged on to the Gb port of the alien. Alien is plugged to ISP Fiber router. Any wired device can easily hit 980 Mbps. Over wifi 6 I am able to hit 780 Mbps (hand shake is at 1.xx Gbps). So review your setup and cabling it's not the Alien devices. Hope this helps.

  • Hi, nope I haven't found a solution yet, but not in a rush as everything is working as expected.

    My setup:

    • ISP Netgear modem with CAT 8 cable (backwards compatible with CAT 5 through 7) connected to
    • Firewalla Gold firewall CAT 8 connected to
    • Alien main router in Bridge Mode CAT 8 connected
    • Netgear S8000 Switch other side of house, CAT 8 connected to
    • Alien Router acting as Mesh

    My XBOX Series X is hardwired to the Netgear S8000 switch and does get over 960 Mbps.

    My Macbook Air M1 over WiFi 6 get over 700 Mbps.

    But the speed test directly on the Router LED screen / acting as Mesh gets about 956 Mbps up and down compared to the main Alien Router that shows 420 Mbps down and 41 Mbps up on my Xfinity1GB down / 40GB up plan.

    Is maybe the speed test on the router/mesh showing the handshake speed to the main router? If so, then I'm ok with that, just trying to understand why the difference.

  • Disregard my question. I returned the 2nd Alien Router. Nothing wrong with it, it was just overkill for my environment considering the few devices it was supporting. The main router has a very strong signal for my square footage, compared to my last mesh system.

  • @Rolando-Nispiros I know you returned the 2nd alien, but the speed test done on the mesh point is the speed to the main alien. The speeds you are getting on the main alien are the speeds you are getting from your ISP. Hope that clears it up.

  • @Yondude Thank you, makes sense from that prospective.

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