Slow Speeds Using PPPOE

  • Just moved into new house, and had it wired with Cat 6 throughout the house. Have CenturyLink gigabit with 960 MBPS both up and down. Setup my amplifi HD router - updated to 3.6.0 and have the centurylink connection running. On wifi, I get about 300 mbps up and down using speedtest app - expected speeds for wifi.

    When I connected my laptop to the LAN port using my Cat 6 connections, I'm seeing something a bit odd. I'm only getting 200-300 mbps down, but 700 mbps up. Have a ping of 2 ms, so that looks fine. I'm told by support chat that PPPOE supports about 700 mbps - so it's interesting I'm not getting the full speed down. I've swapped all the cables out to ensure it wasn't any connection, and same thing.

    On the system topology, it shows my machine connected with a 1 GBPS link - which in addition to the upload speeds make me think the wiring is just fine.

    Can't use hardware NAT since it's PPPOE. Any ideas what could be causing the drop in download speeds and what I need to do to get full download speeds?