Best System To Get?

  • Hi, I am considering updating to this system. I’m in the U.K. though, I am looking at the MESH system with the router and the MESH access point, the specifications for these state they are dual band routers.
    The single Alien system is advertised in the U.K. as a tri-band router.

    Is it worth getting two single Alien routers over the 2 pack set? It would cost quite a bit more for two single routers but will the MESH system work between them and use the third band for the back haul?

    EDIT: never mind I see on the Ubiquiti store the specs state the single unit is only dual band also:

    How have U.K. owners found the twin pack MESH system to be? Is it a good choice to upgrade to over the original Google WiFi solution? Obviously looking to buy this as a long term investment. Does it work well with home working and the Xbox Series X and the Apple TV 4K? iPads and iPhone, our most used devices in my house.

  • @Mark-Richards I have been through this and just ended up sticking my Alien on eBay as I have really found it poor value for money overall. The range is decent but nothing spectacular and the lack of features on this system is unforgivable. You'd expect a system for that price to have some basic things like the ability to turn wifi radio off, schedule system reboot, support openvpn, dual wan, force devices to connect to a specific node...etc. Ended up swapping it for the Asus XT8 and could not be happier.

  • @Ali-Hadi Thank you for your reply, I personally am not fussed about any of those features, so for me I’d rather have the Alien over Asus devices, I find Asus routers to look ugly app they use a bit childish looking.

  • @Mark-Richards Ok so I've read some of the posts on this forum.
    I'm in the U.K. and it seems the wireless strength of the U.K. version is a little weak.
    So I'll definitely need two Aliens.

    Is it really worth buying two separate Alien routers over the 3 pack MESH system? I do not need or see myself needing Ethernet ports or a screen on the Mesh point, only on the main unit.

  • @Mark-Richards What 3 pack MESH system are you referring to?

  • @Ali-Hadi That was a mis-type. I was referring to the Alien Router and Mesh point pack.

  • @Mark-Richards Do you realise that hitherto if your router part of the kit dies, then your mesh node part of it is rendered a very expensive doorstop as they are hardcoded and would only work together?

  • @Ali-Hadi Yes I know that but I'm not worried as I live in the U.K. so have consumer laws, plus it's hardly like every Alien system is failing after a week. The assumption you've made is based of the majority of Alien routers failing after a year.

    You don't seem to like the Alien very much, sadly your the only one replying to my comment. This doesn't seem a very active community.
    Seems like it's a case of buy the system and try it for myself.

  • @Mark-Richards Was just trying to bring to your attention one major difference between the standalone router and the mesh kit which is exactly what you have asked. Nothing more and nothing less. It seems that you are just not willing to be offered any advice from someone who has been using AmpliFi products for years. I am out and may be some others can help you by telling what YOU want to hear. Best of luck.

  • @Ali-Hadi I realise the pitfalls as you pointed out, yes it is a concern I agree but the chances of it happening are rare would you not agree?
    However it's absolutely in line with my original question. Perhaps it's my fault for it expressing it better?
    But is the issue you raised the only downfall? It's an expensive way to go if you buy two separate Alien routers.

    How did you find the automatic configuration for your performance when you had it? As you noted it has limited settings so you have to remove a lot in the automatic configuration.

  • @Mark-Richards Just to be clear I only have 1 Alien router.

    I would get 2 routers personally because the mesh points don't have any additional ethernet ports for wired expandability.

    If the following isn't a concern I don't see why you shouldn't go with the mesh points:

    • Reliability
    • ethernet ports on the mesh points
    • screen to monitor status (not important at all but just putting it out there)

    Also I would strongly recommend buying it from a retailer that has a good return policy. In my experience mesh systems (cheap and expensive) all perform differently depending on the user, their devices and environment. The Alien system might work great for you or poorly but that can be said about any mesh system.

    The auto configuration from what I read is good enough. The problems that users are running into seems specific to certain types of setups. Since you feel strongly about Alien I would recommend buying it and trying it. I went through 3 other routers (Netgear X8, Netgear RAX120, Linksys Velop) before the Alien satisfied my setup.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh-0 Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm not bothered about Ethernet ports or a screen in the MESH unit, and I'll probably buy it from the UniFi EU site.
    Am I right in thinking the mesh points in the Amplifi HD and Gamers edition are also hard coded together? It's not anything new with Amplifi systems?

  • @Mark-Richards I am not familiar with the Amplifi HD and Gamers edition but seems like you can pair them with any router.

    Pair the MeshPoint with the AmpliFi™ Router to expand the coverage of an AmpliFi™ network or turn an existing router into a powerful mesh network.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh-0 Actually just checked and no, if you buy a Amplifi kit they do hard code the mesh points to the router:

    So it's nothing new to see this. I am also not too fussed. As if the Mesh point failed you can't buy them separately anyway. But again this is assuming the majority of Amplifi Alien Mesh kits fail. Which I'm going to assume they don't. Plus if it fails in the first year or even 3, they are under warranty anyway.

  • I have some further questions.

    Can you setup multiple 'quiet time' schedules in the app for the same group of devices, so they are blocked say 9AM to 12PM then 1PM to 4PM?
    And can you set QOS for each device? So a console can have gaming QOS set and a streaming box have video QOS set?

  • @Mark-Richards
    no, the software doesnt allow for that level of customization by device

  • Big no for me on hard coded sets goign forward. Stand alone units only please for me. Love my AmpliFi systems (HD set and 2 stand alone Alien routers) but that said the hardcoding is not cool IMO.

  • Hi @Frank-Broughton - AmpliFi now has process to undo the hardcode and convert the set components to standalone

    You can contact AmpliFi support for the firmware and instructions

  • @Derek-Saville Cool thanks! Just sent in a ticket.... Also noticed the thread on the subject too.... interesting. Would be cool if they could figure a way to get the HD sets to work with the Alien router also.

  • @Mark-Richards You can add different times to the same days, and multiple devices can have different levels of QOS as you said for example a TV with streaming and mobile device with streaming and a console with gaming QOS

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