Wifi password not correct

  • Hi,

    Of all the around 40 devices here at home, I have all working but one - an iPad Air 1. It simply won't connect to Wifi with problem reported being "Incorrect password". I know it's not an incorrect password being entered...

    I have tried "network reset" on the iPad to no avail but before I try the last resort - complete reset - I thought that maybe one of you have had the same problem and perhaps found a solution.

    Thanks in advance!

    2 routers (EU) - one running as a RAMP (ethernet backboned).
    Firmware: 3.6.0

  • I moved it closer to the RAMP and that seemed to work as I was no longer met with the "Incorrect password" notification from iOS.

  • @kthuno Hi, this is a known issue for Apple devices to show "Incorrect password" when the WiFi signal is too weak to establish a secure connection. Since you use Ethernet backhaul the roaming between two routers could have a WiFi dead spot in between which would result in such a scenario as you described.

  • @UI-AmpliFi: I have roamed through a lot of topics as I seem to remember that there was discussions about this. Anyways, your explanation makes sense I am currently sitting right next to a router 🙂
    Thanks for the quick reply!

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