IPv6 Not Working

  • After doing a reboot to my network yesterday I now get a 'Please verify IPv6 configuration' error message on the Diagnose screen. I am on firmware 3.6.0 and using the Alien in Bridge Mode. I have a separate AP device also connected to my firewall and has no issues detecting IPv6.

    When I disable IPv6, the go to Diagnose screen, everything is ok, but only for a few seconds. Then I get the Please verify IPv6 configuration message again. On the Diagnose screen in the IP Address section I see an IPv4 as well as an IPv6 IP address.

    I tried changing my DNS Address from to, rebooted the firewall, rebooted the Xfinity modem, and rebooted the Alien Router and Alien Router I am using as a mesh and no luck.

    Any suggestions? Factory reset?

  • Disregard. I fixed the issue by disconnecting Xfinity modem and leaving off for 2 minutes, then plugging back in, then rebooting firewall.

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