Apple Product misbehaviour after an AmpliFi Alien glitch

  • Hello everyone. As the title states, my Apple Watch was misbehaving after an AmpliFi glitch. I will describe the setup first, then the glitch, then the misbehaviour.

    Setup: I have a Fritz Box 7490 connected to DSL, with two Aliens connected to it in bridge mode. The Fritz Box has the Wi-Fi disabled, but it was enabled for a short while. Its SSID and password is different. This may be relevant.

    Glitch: I noticed that my Apple Watch showed up incorrectly as Ethernet connected in the AmpliFi app, and the Apple watch was either disconnecting or repeatedly asking for the password (it wasn't connected to the Aliens at all). It wouldn't successfully connect to the Aliens. My thought is it's possible it connected to the Fritz Box when the WiFi was on briefly, which caused it to be shown as Ethernet connected to the Aliens, and that caused this whole mess to happen.

    Subsequent Misbehaviour: I restarted both my Aliens. At this point, all hell broke loose. Both my HomePod and my HomePod Mini refused to connect, even after restarts of the Aliens and the HomePods, and I had to factory reset both HomePods, the Mini via a wire to my Mac. That solved that, but my Apple Watch was still misbehaving slightly. I restarted the Apple watch just now, let's see if it sticks, but it seems to be better.

    Even though all is sorted, I'd like to report this as a bug, so you're aware of the issue.

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