OpenWRT on Amplify HD ?

  • Since mostly all simple routers by day support OpenVPN en USB-NAS fuctionallity isn't it time for the Amplify HD to support OpenWRT-firmware so the community can build their own OS for this router and open up modern functions this router should have by default anyway? So please, open up your router and boot loader and let the community build their own OS for this nicely looking router.

  • @VJ-Slof They do not care about their customers.... you can see all the forums with questions and suggestions over years.... Even the most simple requests are ignored

  • @chermus OpenWRT is a pure community effort.

    You're not wrong about (lack of) response to feature requests.

    I just wouldn't hitch that cart to this horse because there's no promise of OpenWRT support, no business case, and this is a radical change request.

    It's old HW now..

    I'd just be happy to see incremental improvements on promised features like IPv6 (the router doesn't support requesting a v6 /56 or /64 from the ISP, and doesn't allow clients to request a sub-block from that, so it's impossible to have v6 routing with nested routers)

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