Router to router- Question

  • Hello
    I got my amplified HD, and I would like to do router to router.
    So, my second router can be an amplified Instant HD Wifi router?

    Or both routers (home and remote) should be the same model?
    Also, my amplified HD is brand new, my second router (remote) can work if I got a used one?
    My last question, if I'm remote in another country with my laptop, is not necessary install anything (No program, no apps) on my laptop,right?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi @Kar28 - Router-to-Router Teleporting is compatible across product lines / models
    If you purchase a used AmpliFi rotuer I would recommend doing a factory reset
    There is no need to install anything on a client which has established the Router-to-Router Teleport connection as the routers themselves handle the VPN connection

    The only restriction is the remote router cannot be in Bridge mode
    But it also works to double NAT if you have another router in place at the remote site that you do not want to change

    If your client (i.e. laptop) will be switching back and forth between the local and VPN connection often, one other possibility to make life a little easier is to install another router (any make or model will work) behind the AmpliFi router establishing the Router-to-Router connection and then Teleport the entire router so that any client connected to the unique SSID it broadcasts (or hardwired) will be on the VPN connection
    So instead of having to go into the AmpliFi app to turn the Teleport connection on/off, you can switch from local to remote sites just by changing which SSID you connect to
    This can also improve performance if you have a lot of clients to be Teleported since the AmpliFi routers will then only need to manage one connection each and the supplemental Teleported router consolidates all of the client connections at the remote site

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