Incorrect gateway IP shown in diagnose tab

  • Hi all,

    In the diagnose tab, under gateway I can see the IP address, however I’m using the 192.168 subnet for my lan.

    Also there are no IP addresses shown, just a green tick.


  • @danwho The green checkmarks are normal. From the user manual this definition: Gateway Address - Enter the IP address of the service provider’s gateway router.

    So not your lan gateway. See page 21 -

  • @mleeds ok I get it - RTFM.

    Thanks for the reply. I guess because my connection to my ISP is by PPPoE the gateway address is the ISP’s equipment and is not set by myself therefore irrelevant.

    I get that the green tick is normal, that is obvious - a green tick for normal and a red cross to indicate a problem. That doesn’t answer my other query; if you refer to page 39 of the manual which you kindly provided a link to, the image on that page shows a “Diagnose” screenshot, and next to IP Address there is an IP Address, is the example they have used. However on my diagnose page there is nothing next to IP Address, no local IP, no WAN IP, nothing.

    Is this normal behaviour?

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Dan

    I'm experiencing something similar regarding the IP address not showing on the "Diagnose" tab. I created the following post yesterday (I didn't spot your post until afterwards).

    Hopefully somebody will be pick this up and provide a fix.


  • @Keith-P don’t hold your breath!

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