Amplifi HD and Virgin Hub 3 Help

  • have a Virgin Hub 3 and an Amplifi HD mesh system. It was all set up with the Hub 3 in modem mode but since upgrading to Virgin 500Mbps it just won't connect? The Amplifi should be capable of handling 500 so I can't work out what's wrong?
    After seeing your post about not having to have the Hub in modem mode I thought I'd ask because with my Hub back to router mode the Amplifi picks it up and says "everything's fine". I was under the impression that you had to have to hub in modem mode?
    Any idea? Any tips/recommendations?

  • Hi @Dave-Meadows - so for your previous installation the Hub 3 was in "modem" only mode and your AmpliFi HD was in DHCP mode? Or maybe PPPoE mode with a login and password?

    What changed when you upgraded to Virgin 500Mbps?

    If your Hub is now a gateway router (not in 'modem' mode) you can place the HD in Bridge mode and it should work, but you lose some capabilities

    Your HD can be in DHCP mode behind the Hub gateway router, but now you would be in what is called a "Double NAT" situation which can cause some compatibility issues although it generally works

    If your HD was in PPPoE mode then it might not connect if your Hub changed to become a gateway router instead of being in 'modem' mode

    There are a couple support pages here that might help...

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for the reply. I'm not that tech savvy so not quite sure about this. When I go to the Amplifi HD app and select DHCP it says "Not Available. This section is not available in bridge mode". So does this mean I need the Virgin Hub in Bridge Mode and take the Amplifi out of Bridge mode? I can't see anything about PPPoE?

  • Hi @Dave-Meadows - Bridge mode essentially disabled DHCP and turns your HD into just a WiFi service if you are using another router

    If your Hub is in Modem mode you will want your HD in DHCP mode (disable Bridge mode) or PPPoE mode if your ISP requires it

    If your Hub is not in Modem mode then you would want to enable Bridge mode on the HD

    That is normally how it works and there can be pros & cons for each, the choice depends on your needs

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