AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1

  • Not sure if this is the case here but I found some technical information on a Lynkisys support page regarding the DFS channels. A lot of people including myself are having issues with devices moving to 2.4 GHz once DFS is enabled and most of them are not going back to 5GHZ even after reboot or 72 hours period. On the Linksys support page is listed that not all devices support DFS channels even if they support 5GHZ. Looking online some Apple products don't support these DFS channels, but I cannot find something specific on which devices. Is normal to temporarily connect to 2.4 GHz while DFS is starting/scanning, because 5 GHZ is not available during this time, but should go back to 5 GHz afterward. Now if the devices do not support the DFS channel that makes sense why will stay on 2.4 GHz. Manually choosing a DFS channel might solve this issue, as others have said and also additional 5GHZ enabled. As far as eh WIFI 6 speeds go I get from 500 to 700 MB on different WIFI devices, not sure how some people manage to go up to 900 MB, that will be great. I do have 1 GB bandwidth.

  • I have also installed V3.6.0 again. My Alien works standalone and DFS channels are off.
    In V3.6.1 my iPad Pro (2016) on IOS15 won't connect to the Alien (standalone) after swichting wifi on/off on the iPad it connects again. This happens not all the time but several times a day. My MacBook Pro and My iphone 13 Pro Max don't have any connection problems but my old iPhone 11 Pro Max had sometimes connection problems. After switching off Private network on the 11 Pro, it had no connection ploblems again. Sadly enough this solution does't work for the iPad.
    After installing V3.6.0 everything works fine again.

  • I had the Apple AirPort Extreme router for +4 years with ZERO issues. I decided to move on when it was EOL'd and new WiFi standards were coming out.

    Routers aren't something we should have to manage every few days or when a new firmware with not enough testing is released. And on the flip side we shouldn't have to be fiddling with each device to ensure a stable connection.

    Routers need to be dependable because businesses and people depend on them.

    The AmpliFi Alien is my first Ubiquit product...and it's not leaving the best impression. You all really need to solidify the software to meet the standards of what appears to be solid hardware.

    I have the exact same issues as @Pistole and it's not feasible to manage day-to-day.

    Please Ubiquiti, pull it together and update/fix your products.

  • @jdmsrt said in AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1:

    , but I cannot find something specific on which devices.

    I believe all Apple products on the market, and sold for years support DFS. While there are some recommendations to the contrary in some situations (don't use ch 149 or 153 where peer-to-peer Airplay is in use etc.), DFS has not been an issue for any Apple device I can think of in years (based on channels allowed in the respective country). Even HomePod mini (Wifi 4) and HomePod (Wifi 5). Some older phones/iOS only scanned DFS spectrum every Xth cycle...

    BTW, Apple's AirPort Extreme was a DFS Router.

  • @Daniel-Osers Glad to see someone confirm that with Band steering on, at least newer iPhones jump back to 2.4Ghz. I suppose the separation of APs helps with jumps to WiFi 5, did you see an issue there?

  • @habbasi I haven't had Wifi 5 radio on for a while so the both bands connect to the Wifi 6 Radio (US version Alien). While I see a tendency for iPhone 13 Pro (and 12 Pro as well) to connect back to 2.4 more often than, say, MBPs, they also switch back effortlessly to 5Ghz. Most of my stationary devices have not had issues remaining on 5Ghz.

  • Hi @Daniel-Osers - can you tell if your clients are dropping to 2.4GHz due to SNR/range/interference or do you believe it is some form of a bug on the part of the mesh network?

  • @Derek-Saville Honestly hard to tell... I would say it's distance/range/SNR, though it seems to affect iPhones (both Wifi 6) much more than my M1 iPad (also Wifi 6) and other devices. FWIW, it happens more on the upstairs router (which operates on 100) versus the middle one (116) - even at same general range. I can't see any specific interference on either (several tools) but again, always switches back to 5Ghz....

  • @Daniel-Osers ps I do see occasional issues with my paired HomePods (not mini, but the big ones) where occasionally one stops playing. Also issues with Intercom (mini and regular). That didn’t happen with 3.6.0

  • All of a sudden, 2 phones (iPhone xr and s21 ultra) keep saying couldn't authenticate connection to my alien (in Bridge mode). Other phones (pixel 3, Samsung A32) remain connected.

    The app doesn't seem to want to download the support info either.

    Edit: rebooted twice, backto normal. Sent support info from Web administration page.

  • @Raghu-Kannan When this happens, try taking the iPhones of the 'private' network settings for your home network (which obfuscates/changes the MAC address randomly)...

  • @Daniel-Osers it's off (as is random mac for the s21 u).

  • In regards to band steering and DFS/160mhz, I've discovered that wifi channel 40 seems to be working for me, I noticed that disabling band steering then setting the channel to 40 and enabling DFS then setting 160mhz then re enabling band steering seems to fix the drop to 2.4ghz for me everything seem to be working well.

  • I have two Alien routers, one main and one mesh connected wirelessly. When I move from the mesh to the main, my iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro will connect to the main. But when I move to the mesh, Wi-Fi drops, and I have to connect manually by toggling Wi-Fi in settings. I did not have this issue on 3.6.0, which worked great.

    I have submitted a support ticket.

  • Did we ever get any indication what "Hardware Acceleration" actually is on the Alien?
    @UI-AmpliFi ?

  • and just FYI - had my 1st random restart on one of my Alien Routers (used as mesh unit - wired backhaul, not the main router attached to the fiber modem).
    Came up fine after restart and devices re-aligned; but first restart I have had ..'ever'? With 3.6.1..

  • @Raghu-Kannan Had this once. „Forget“ your wifi network on the iPhone, reconnect to it and make sure private MAC isn’t turned on again.

  • @Daniel-Osers I had the same.. first reboot of a wired backhaul RaMP. But also just that one and only occurrence yet.

  • @sgoehre thanks, on both the s21U and the iPhone, private mac (or randomised mac on android) were off. This was weird coz I've never had it before on any earlier beta or release firmwares and it's only happened 4 times and only with these two phones (out of all the wireless devices in the household).

    Will monitor to see if it happens again and then reset network settings on both phones.

  • Paradoxically, turning off band steering makes my devices work better with band switching. 5 GHz in the entire house.

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