AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1

  • Has there been any new developments on a WiFi 6e version of the alien or an alien gen 2 with WiFi 6e support, I'm wondering because I had a radar detection with the DFS enabled for the first time, I'd like to get more units, but I'm finding DFS is not a long term solution due to potentially the newest to shift channels and I did have it set to a fixed non DFS channel.

    Ive discovered that DFS and channels need to have auto channel selected for It to work correctly.

    I'm starting to think that from time to time I'm getting interference from the 5ghz or 2.4 with my Xbox one headset, from what I've read so far about 6e makes it seem like the most ideal solution for back haul.

  • @Edward-Dolezal With hardly any 6E clients out there I doubt that you'll see more than 1 flagship device from the big guys in the consumer retail market even for '22. Hard to market when "nothing" can take advantage of it yet. Though I +1 your question of course 🙂

  • 6E launch is all about the clear open wireless backhaul instead of clients and can’t come soon enough for that need

    Ubiquiti submitted the UniFi U6-Enterprise with 6GHz to the FCC, but it was kicked back for improper testing procedures

    Will be interesting to see if they add another model to the AmpliFi range or focus more on the Dream…

  • @Derek-Saville Fair enough and 100% 🙂 I was considering my personal setup where backhaul is 100% wired. Relying on wireless backhaul: Totally agree and sea change with 6e.

  • is the next beta out any time soon? I really want to get my homepods mini working 🙂

  • @UI-AmpliFi Do you know how I can download the public firmware for v3.6.0 before upgrading to v.3.6.1? I would like to rollback to the previous firmware in case v3.6.1 does not work as expected. I would also like to help provide feedback on how v3.6.1 is functioning on my end as well.

  • I have two Aliens, one main and one mesh with wireless backhaul. On 3.6.1 I was having Wi-Fi connection problems with iPhone and iPad when moving from the main to the mesh. For about a minute, the Wi-Fi would connect then immediately drop several cycles until the device would finally connect. No problem when moving from mesh to main. I did submit a ticket. Support said to connect k and v, but that didn’t help. 5 days ago support said my ticket was escalated.

    So I downgraded back to 3.6.0 and everything is working perfectly.

  • @harryks this mirrors exactly my experience minus the escalation. Exact same config, exact same symptoms, fixed by going back to 3.6.0.

  • @Jared-J-Fernandez that's a bug. If you toggle the DNS cache feature on and off it will send out the correct upstream DNS via DHCP then after a while it will break again and you'll have to toggle it.

  • @James-Hartig I actually have a support ticket open for something similar. After a power outage (i.e. both my modem and my Alien lose power), my Alien will continue to hand out the local DNS server rather than the external one indefinitely after its reboot. I have to toggle “Bypass DNS Cache” off and back on in order for the router to hand out the external DNS server.

    I’m only using this option as a workaround for Nanoleaf Light Panels that periodically lock up if they can resolve DNS requests, but remains blocked from the internet. By assigning the Nanoleaf Light Panels an external DNS server directly that it cannot communicate with, it won’t lock up. If that gets resolved, then this becomes a non-issue for me, but it would still be nice to see this fixed.

  • I am also experiencing tons of disconnects from Apple devices. Turning off “Private Wi-Fi” address on each device helps, but doesn’t completely fix the issue.

    Rebooting works, but the disconnect prevents the AMPLIFI app from working on my LAN so that the only way I can reboot it is with a power cycle.

    I tried doing so from the touch screen but wasn’t able to find an option.

    This router is one of worst pieces of tech I have ever owned. Small patch version firmware releases break basic wifi functionality in ways that I’ve never seen in devices that cost 1/3 as much. Fixes seem to take many months.

    I’ve seriously been considering switching back to the $113 Asus router I tossed in the closet when I bought this $400 obelisk that constantly emits 130-140 F temperatures.

    Sorry for the rant, but this experience has burned me hard on the Ubiquiti brand.

  • @jd928 Hi. We apologize for any issues you might be having. Could you please let us know your support ticket number so we can take a look at your report once again?

  • @jd928

    Totally agree.... one of the worst tech pieces I own. To think I bought 2 of them... Like I've said in other posts... good hardware.... trash software. Absolutely moronic of them to not include all settings in the web portal. Apparently the descion makers have never heard of that thing called redundancy.

  • This post is deleted!

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