AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1

  • 802.11R gives me DNS issues on only 1 device, that is the 12 inch macbook retina so i disabled that.. 802.11R/K/V is (i think) only needed if you have a mesh system, single alien users don't need to enable that đŸ˜‰

  • Just got the update and enabled hardware acceleration. Speed is about the same, but everything is still connected as far as I know.

  • @dexx64 I have a RAMP and 3.6.1 is horrible!!! Went back to 3.6.0, much more stable. The RAMP in 3.6.1 is not allowing 5Ghz clients connection, only the 2.4 are able to connect. This behaviour was present in the rc4.

  • @jbenja6460 I'd really would want a clarification on "Hardware Acceleration" is. What's being moved to hardware? The TCP/IP stack? NAT? Is it related to this?

  • This update is frankly shocking. Apple devices dropping constantly. I have 3 units that were working ok on the last version. How do i down grade ?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Can I request a fix for Wyze cams? My v2 cams work but my v3 cams have not worked since 3.5.1. So am sticking with that until this connection issue can be resolved.

  • I updated yesterday morning, and as of today (roughly 24 hours later), some of my devices still haven't moved to 5 GHz, despite Band and Router steering being On. They were on 5 GHz on 3.6.0 and had a perfectly stable connection. Both are in rooms next to different Aliens with one wall in between.

    The devices are HomePod Mini and iPad (2018).

    Otherwise, no major issues I can find so far. I have not tried the new features yet.

  • @RenĂ©-Guitar i solved that by seperating the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands and give them both a different name đŸ˜‰ i also disabled band steering.

  • @Carl-Lewis I've had issues with iOS and iPadOS devices since 3.5.1 (and been in contact with support regarding it for a long time), but for some reason, they work just fine with 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 as long as I use a DFS channel for the 5GHz band and have them only access that through a separate SSID.

    Unfortunately the past month and a half I do have the occasional false positive DFS radar detection about once or twice a week which completely disables the 5GHz network for a few minutes. So I'm actually at times considering going back all the way to 3.5.0 đŸ˜•

  • Everything normal (read: unchanged) after update. Have had something goofy where my iPhone SE ('20) and wife's iPhone 12 are getting booted off WiFi6 down to WiFi5, I can get it back on WiFi6 by physically walking out of range and coming back. But that's not the fault of this update.

    Tried hardware acceleration for about 5 minutes, saw no difference, then turned it off because it seems it is for gigabit speed services, and I'm on a 200mb Spectrum plan. Which also defeats the point of WiFi6 to a large degree I suppose. Speed tests on the Alien at roughly 240 down, 14 up; from my Mac 233 down, 11 up.

  • @habbasi with my HomePod mini, if I place my iPad on the same table I notice it'll drop out of wifi 6 to wifi 5. If I move it away however it won't move back to wifi 6 ever.

    With the mini disconnected, my devices never drop to wifi 5.

    Mini + alien = bad mix

  • @UI-AmpliFi , I have submitted a ticket for this. 304429 is the ticket number. Let me know if you need more info on this.

  • Hi @UI-AmpliFi huge issues with 3.6.1. First issue started 2-3 days after updating a brand new Alien to 3.6.1. Randomly stopped working in middle of work day and attempted to reboot. Upon reboot it sticks at 99% initializing no matter what. Sent in for RMA. Not sure what happen but seems to be firmware related.

    Now my second home Alien is having the same issue after upgrading to 3.6.1. This is a bit different but started as wifi dropping unable to connect. Rebooted now it initializes about 50% and shuts off. Firmware seems to have caused a hardware issue. Overheating?

    I have sent in the support doc for the second one now having issues.

    So far two bricked Alien Routers... Anyone else experiencing this?

  • @RJvetter I'm not and expert, but the benefit of running the Hardware Accelerator is for those set-ups that continue to use PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet).
    Mine does not ... I'm running Verizon FIOS fiber which operates on DHCP, (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

  • @jbenja6460 I was thinking that there must be some benefit for use-cases outside of PPPoE-based connections though, because hardware acceleration was available for everything excluding PPPoE connections until 3.6.1rc4.

    Hopefully we’ll see a support article with more clarification surrounding hardware acceleration.

  • Hardware acceleration is also available for bridge mode! Would like to have an explanation what this mode does and whether it is indeed relevant in the bridge mode.

  • @Otto-Wilhelm I’d like to know as well since I am currently in bridge mode on 3.6.1.

  • @Frederic-Thiollier Thank you for your response.

  • @Matthew-Langan That’s brutal… I have issues (the RAMP unit does not allow 5ghz connections) but this nothing compared to your issues… Very unlucky that both devices are bricked!!!

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