AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1

  • @René-Guitar seems like its isolated to the 3.6.1 update.

  • After update everything connected and perform as before, EXCEPT my ecobee thermostat on 2.4. It keeps failing to connect saying bad password. NEVER had this problem before. Very mysterious.

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    Enabling hardware acceleration with DHCP results in non-functional ethernet ports. This is 100% reproducible.

  • @Mark-Miller not on mine

    European version.

    Hardware acceleration doesnt do anything

    But im wired to imac and PS5 with dhcp and no issues

  • @Mark-Miller Not in my case...

  • Does this change enable user to turn off the DHCP server in router mode? I didn't see it mentioned in the notes.

  • I had to rollback to 3.6.0, none of my Apple or HomeKit devices would stay connected. Constant No Response in the Home App. Rolled back and everything working flawlessly.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Gary-Sing

    US version here with 2 iMacs connected to Ethernet ports. Both are unable to connect to the internet.

  • @Matthew-Langan Hi. We are sorry that you are having issues with the AmpliFi router. We have seen a couple of similar reports on the community before. After investigating those issues more closely it appeared to be a hardware failure. All units within our RMA policy were replaced.
    Please reach out to our support team and they will guide you through the process.
    Thank you!

  • @Mark-Miller @nhmerino @teurick
    Please submit a support ticket with your case and attach a support file while you are having issues or right after the issue.
    This will help us to solve your issues in the next updates.
    Thank you!

  • I think it’s time to eBay my two aliens.

    This cat and mouse firmware game of unstable connections has affected my WFH business. Nearly lost a client trying to livestream a demo when the WiFi disconnected from my 13” MacBook Pro. .

    I don’t care to roll back…Linksys WiFi 6E save me!

  • Was having intermittent issues with Zoom/Teams dropouts on 3.6.0 (when connected to mesh point) but almost everything else was running fine. Jumped to 3.6.1 hoping to see improvements and instead had a dramatic number of new issues introduced.

    The same issues others mentioned with being unable to connect to the mesh point on 5Ghz, unable to roam from the router to the mesh reliably. My upstairs bedroom/bathroom which are the only rooms I really need the mesh for will now have my iPhone 12 drop me to cellular because there's no connectivity via 5Ghz on 3.6.1. DNS now has resolution issues intermittently on the mesh point also.

    I already had split 5Ghz from 2.4Ghz because of intermittent issues with my smart home devices, so this isn't about a shared SSID. I'd like to use a shared SSID (another thing I was hoping 3.6.1 fixed), but I can't even test this as the other issues are too severe.

    Overall, I just can't comprehend how each new release introduces more issues than it does fixes, specifically with the mesh point.

    I'm going to roll back to 3.6.0 again. Also seriously considering just dumping my mesh point altogether and just struggling through with low speeds at the furthest points of my house from the main router. I don't get the feeling that these mesh point issues are going to get better.

  • @agir7447 I'm with you. The dropouts and disconnections when on Teams and Zoom meetings are killing me. I really thought this router would start to get more stable over time and I just don't see it happening.

    I either need to revisit my complicated and slower, but at least reliable Unifi (non-WiFi6) system which I've had sitting in a box in my garage or I need to jump to a competitor altogether.

    I just don't get what they're doing on the engineering and development side... That or we ALL have bad hardware revisions which differ from what they're developing against at the factory.

  • My 2021 iPad Pro is sitting right next to the router now and its 100% at 866mbps strength wifi 5 and the router refuses to push it back to wifi 6.

    Why do I have to turn wifi off and on every time this happens to get it back to wifi 6 again?!?

    Why does this keeping happening?

  • @joshmcx I'm on teams all day everyday without issues. Another post up from Amplifi sounds like it might be an rma. Scroll up and see if it might apply.

  • @Gary-Sing do you have the third radio on? I leave mine off but it appears idle devices get steered to it

  • @joshmcx

    It’s not entirely unlikely that at least a large portion of the issues people have could be due to faulty hardware. There is a sample bias on a support oriented forum and a post like this after all. People with no issues usually don’t bother registering an account just to post “it’s 2am and all is well!”.

    Then there’s a potential issue with outside factors that can be hard to test with a limited beta test. The potential number of hardware/software configurations and external interference should be about equal to the number of users unfortunately.

    Speaking for myself, yes I have issues with my Alien units. And yes, support has been trying it best to help me but so far I have to chose between different issues with no proper “fix all”, however , the Aliens are our 4th set of routers since me and my wife moved here about 8 or so years ago. The first two, by two major brands, both started showing degrading performance that needed regular reboots to counter, even though the first setup had worked just fine in our previous home. The third setup, a package mesh that’s among the best reviewed ones out there at a low to mid price range was completely unable to establish a stable dedicated wireless backhaul even while standing next to each other, and we replaced the kits three times before giving it up… so with that in mind, the Aliens are by far the most stable and reliable WiFi we’ve had in this house and something in the neighborhood is giving any unit issues. Unlike the other brands however, we’re actually getting proper feedback and an apparent willingness to actually solve our issues with the Amplifi support.

    All that said, it does feel like 3.6.1 has a rather widespread issue with handoff protocols on the 5GHz band 😉 But then again….sample bias…

  • @whaleman you can always disable the DFS channel use on the 3.6.x firmware. That resolves your issue of loosing the 5Ghz connection.

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