AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1

  • @RichieRich1 unfortunately I can’t. Non-DFS channels somehow makes my iOS/iPadOS units lose connection up to several times an hour since about 3.5.1. Thanks for the suggestion though 🙂

  • So far the update had been working perfectly for me I have had zero issues even band steering is working better than it usually does which is quite different my devices seem to be playing nicely with the alien.

    Though I so do wish there was a 6E alien I could purchase as an upgrade to kill the interference issues that happen on occasion with my Xbox headset.

  • @whaleman Apple software is full of bugs and often can't cope with the slightest change. Have you tried resetting the network settings on one of your iOS devices and seeing if that makes a difference?

  • @Holohive1 Yeah I've done resets on all of them, no luck. It's not all of them though, at least I think my wife's iPhone SE gen 2 with wifi 6 don't have any issues, it's the slightly older devices, an iPhone SE 1st gen, an iPad Pro 10.5" (first gen iPad Pro) and an iPad 5th gen that started misbehaving after 3.5.1. Neither does any of the 4 Apple TVs, the HomePod nor the two M1 Macs have any issues.

    Edit: We even have two old iMacs from almost a decade ago that has no issues. The only ones with issues were all launched 2016-2017 which would point towards a specific hardware/driver issue contributing, if the affected models share WiFi hardware. Together with whatever issue makes our neighborhood a nightmare for WiFi routers to start with 😉

  • No issues at all with an Apple household here on 3.6.1. HomeKit devices seem to be playing well too, which is a good sign. Excellent firmware so far.

  • Joining the band of people who experience zero (0) problems on a 2 EU device mesh (RAMP) v3.6.1. It really seems that UI engineers are trying their best and my experience with the Aliens and the support being given by both community and staff, is great.
    I have tried quite a few solutions also in my 300 sqm house and the Aliens have by far been the the most stable.

    Config: Mesh point (RAMP), wired backhaul, K/V on, HW-acc on, band steering on, no band split.

  • After a day's use I thought I had zero problems. But I noticed my iPhone 12 Pro connected by my other AP device. Also the hardware acceleration mode did not seem to improve performance in my bridge mode setup. So I just rolled back for now. I didn't want to have to experience issues on Monday when I'm back WFH and on a call.

  • @RJvetter Nope I have the European version which is only dual band and I disable band steering and only use the 5ghz band

    In any case the device should move back up to wifi 6 when away from inteference and this is not happening at all.

    Flick wifi off and on and straight away pushed back to wifi 6

  • @Rolando-Nispiros I did the same…rolled back to 3.6.0 so I can at least stream reviews of the Linksys Atlas WiFi 6E…😹

  • @agir7447 said in AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.1:

    Linksys Atlas WiFi 6E

    For what it's worth - working great for me. 3 Alien, all ethernet backhaul, with DFS on (only Wifi 6 radios enabled), also hardware acceleration and .k and .v. All devices expected on 5Ghz are, no issues with apple devices (including music), no drops. Clearly some folks are having challenges with 3.6.1 but for me 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 have both been excellent (DFS was a huge deal for me)

  • I absolutely confirm strange behaviors with the mesh point and 3.6.1, had to go back to 3.6.0 to have a stable signal using 5ghz devices in the room where the mesh point is. I totally appreciate the outstanding number of new features and upgrades in the new version, too bad I had to revert.

  • @Daniel-Osers I have nearly an identical setup, and also seeing no issues. For me, separating the bands (and not relying on band steering) made all the difference.

  • @Daniel-Osers Thanks for the info. I’ll reconfigure my setup similarly. Don’t think I had DFS on. I’m trying to get the Alien to remain solid…really don’t want to mess with eBay then reconfigure a whole new wireless network.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Please provide some information on the hardware acceleration feature. What does it ? Is it relevant also in bridge mode ? ...
    Your customers are keen to understand, so that one can decide whether it shall be activated or not.

  • @trclac Sure thing.
    I'll add - in my case I have not separated bands, but using band steering (not router steering). In additon, I have the Wifi 6 2.4 and 5 radios on Auto (In non DFS terms I would have chosen 40 if I had the Wifi 5 radio still on, with DFS 100 - and it chose it automatically). Same for 2.4 - as I am on 3 levels, the 3 routers actually choose different channels (so actually, 100, 100, 116 and 11, 11, 1) automatically to minimize interference and overlap - which works surprisingly well. Again, 100% wired backhaul.

  • Can confirm a lot of issues with Apple devices (old and new) on the mesh AP. the behavior was - connecting and immediately disconnecting - repeating indefinitely.

    Rollback to 3.6.0 has solved this.

  • @nebulafar Please share your support ticket number in a direct message with us. Thank you!

  • @Daniel-Osers Yep same here regarding setting the bands to Auto/DFS, which, as you note, works surprisingly well (like you, I have an Alien Router with two Aliens wired backhaul). From time to time, radar is picked up, in which case, I merely go to the Wireless tab under the router, disable Auto, change the channel, switch back to Auto, and everything is back up.
    Also, for a while, I had .r enabled via the web interface. Not sure that worked so well, and I finally disabled .r (leaving .k and .v enabled). With that, my system seems to have improved with regard to handoff; I’m not too sure why .r wasn’t working, as that is what presumably provides better handoff management. If you had experience with .r, I’d love to know. Also, if you’ve noticed any particular improvements using .k and .v, I’d love to know that, as well.

  • I experienced exactly the same behavior. The issues with the mesh AP were immediately evident, and I'm surprised that this wasn't discovered in the release candidates.

    Apple devices seem to be worst affected, but my LG television had connectivity problems as well. I had to roll back to 3.6.0.

  • @Kenneth-Ulrich Strange. I can't replicate that and it's a house full of Apple (and Google) devices... LG OLED TV, too

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