Amplifi Alien Router & Verizon Fios with ONT no Verizon Router Momentary Disconnects

  • Hello,

    I have an Alien Amplifi Router plugged directly into a Verizon FiOS ONT in my apartment, I get very short very random disconnects in my internet.

    For instance if I am connected to Discord and World of Warcraft, everything will run in place in world of warcraft, discord audio will cut out but eventually come back, if I try to load a webpage as this is happening 90% of the time it is pulled up instantly, occasionally I just have to resend the request a second later and then it is pulled up instantly.

    Verizon has been no help, they tell me to Factory reset my Alien router every time I talk to them. I showed them Ping Logs I had which recorded the drops and had them come out to check the line, they said everything on the line looks totally fine and replaced the ONT even though I have only been in this apartment for 4~ months and had FiOS installed when I moved in.

    Since replacing the ONT - it seems to happen less often but is definitely still occurring, I have every part of this networking equation plugged into a APC UPS so they are not losing power - I am not sure what else I can do at this point other than ask Amplifi for assistance - anything you can suggest would be phenomenal and I will give pretty much anything a shot at this point.

    I have an Amplifi Alien Router, hardware revision 42, software version 3.6.0, and software revision 87-0-g42bf1fcce6

    And yes I have tried factory resetting it two or three times now.

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