Is there a way to utilize my alien router now that I have AT&T fiber tho it comes wit Modem/router combo?

  • Hey, just was wondering. I love my alien router. Hands down the best $390 I’ve ever spent. It help make my Specturm internet, which was once horrible to efficient and reliable. I’ve recently bought a house and now I have AT&T fiber which comes with a router/modem all in one. But I still want to use my alien router. Is there a way to still connect or use my router with the AT&T equipment?

  • @E-Spurge There is - you need to put the Gateway into passthrough mode. It'll still do some NATing I think - can't completely bridge it - but that'll do the trick and put DHCP, Routing etc back into Alien's hands.

    Basically, go to "Firewall" in your setup and make sure packet filters are off. Then turn on IP Passthrough, DHCPS-fixed and select the MAC of your Alien router connected via ethernet.
    Save, go to firewall advanced, and turn everything 'off'.
    Make sure IPv6 is on (all defaults.

    May take a restart, but the alien should get the external (pass-through) IP now.

    Make sure to turn of all Wifi (both the 5Ghz and 2.4) on the Gateway, too.

  • @E-Spurge I don’t know if it would work the same. But my set up is similar. I have Verizon Fios and to get some of the tv/dvr functionality I had to have the Fios router in the mix. There is a separate ONT box, essentially a modem of sorts, that the router is connected to. My Alien is connected to the Fios router by ethernet cable and is in bridge mode(Alien). That was all I had to do other than turn the WiFi radios off on the Fios router, but even that’s not absolutely necessary but could cause confusion and possible interference. The Alien provides the WiFi network that all my devices connect to. It was very simple and other than turning on bridge mode on the Alien I didn’t have to do anything else.

    But since your modem/router is one unit this process might not work.

  • @E-Spurge you need to use the passthrough mode. Don't forget to kill its wifi radios and probably turn off other things or open its firewall up.

    There are some "hacks" that lets you semi remove it but they require digital duct tape and digital glue. One method is get a switch that will let a MAC be more than a single port. You plug in both the ATT routers internet and the alien into the switch. Clone the ATT WAN MAC to the Alien WAN mac and turn off everything including the fiber to copper box. Power on all the ATT stuff and wait for it to fully connect. It's MAC will now be auth'd. Now turn on the Alien and turn off the ATT box right away. If done right ATT will never deauth the MAC because the switch will keep the port active and your aliens MAC address since cloned will now be auth'd. So long as power isn't lost it will be fine or updated.

    I've thought about doing the hack but I'm not seeing anything like latency that matters to motivate me to do it because if I do it I would use my hubitat to automate the auth method. I wouldn't want to have the network go out and not be home.

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