Allowing incoming IPv6 connections?

  • Is there a way to allow incoming IPv6 (not IPv4) connections, from the Internet, into a device that is on the AmpliFi network?

    I know that the "port forwarding" feature allows this for IPv4. This works great, but this seems to be only for IPv4.

    I can't find a way to do this for IPv6. Am I missing something?

    It should just be a matter of specifying which port numbers I want to allow in, because IPv6 doesn't require any forwarding (each device already has its own public IPv6 address).



  • Incoming IPv6 connections are currently blocked by firewall. We should add an option to allow them.


  • This would be really great. Biggest reason for me to have IPv6 is to easily reach all of my computers from outside our home network.

  • Please allow incomming IPv6 (optionally) or make firewall rules configurable.

  • Allowing IPv6 connections is available. search your router's IP in a browser. login to your router and more advanced features are available.

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