Random reboots and an interesting observation

  • I have two alien units - similar ones, one I use as main router while other one is wired mesh. Works beautifully when it’s all good.
    I have been through replacement of both the units in last 16 months since owning them - and now it’s happening again. Out of warranty apparently, so on my own now.
    Anyway, the main router was randomly rebooting, so I swapped it with the other one - and now the swapped one has started randomly rebooting; while the previous main router - now acting as mesh has been stable for past 2 days!
    I have observed the temp - and seems like there is no apparent difference (both operate around 140-150F range with varying fan speed. Our house is at 78F through the day.
    Both are at 3.6.0. I have around 40 devices - both have 1 wired port occupied (connected to unifi switch mini) - nothing special.
    Wondering if there are any clues here - as these reboots are mystifying (and extremely disruptive) - seems like amplifi doesn’t have any answers - no way to fix these as these are out of warranty.

    Appreciate any help.

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