RMA AmpliFi HD Kit and received AmpliFi Alien in its place

  • Not sure if anyone can help and the UI RMA department has stopped responding to me. But if you can, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the situation. My boss has a very large home with stucco interior walls. This is basically the place where WiFi signals go to die. I put together a system for him that consisted of an AmpliFi HD kit, a stand-alone AmpliFi HD Router, and two additional AmpliFi HD MeshPoints. Got it installed with the kit and it two MeshPionts downstairs and the second router and the two additional MeshPoints installed upstairs. The two routers were connected in backbone mode. Everything was working great, WiFi was adequate, and we were planning on adding two additional MeshPoints to make it even better. Then the Adaptor error happened to the router that came with the kit. I did a bit of shuffling and got the system back up with the stand-alone and two individual MeshPoints back up and running downstairs, but now the WiFi upstairs is basically non-existant. I RMA'd the AmpliFi HD kit (RMA# WRLW3GNCD9) and received an AmpliFi Alien unit as a replacement. In most cases this would be considered an upgrade, but in this case it is not. The AmpliFi HD system and AmpliFi Alien, according to this compatibility chart, will not work together.

    So I am now stuck with a house that is at 50% WiFi coverage at best, a very expensive AmpliFi Alien unit I cannot use, and the UI RMA department that has stopped responding to the ticket that I have open trying to get this issue resolved. Doe anyone out there have any way to assist with this issue?

    Also, this equipment was installed in May 2021, about four months ago.

  • Hi Philip,

    Sorry to hear about your issue.

    My guess is that Amplifi has a very short supply of Amplifi HD and it's accessories. As when you look at multiple webshops (even Amplifi's own), Amplifi HD:s are sold out.

    This short supply could be due to the ongoing chip issue or that Amplifi are going to introduce new models to replace Amplifi HD and Amplifi Instant.

    From what I have seen is that Amplifi Instant are still available in much larger numbers than Amplifi HD.

    I should suggest that you open a new case or PM Amplifi direct in this community to get help to replace the Alien with Amplifi Instant instead. If that should be an adequate solution for you.

    Good luck!


  • HI @PhilipM-DLF - while they are not compatible, since you probably have very little signal overlap you could run either the Alien or the HD router in Bridge mode since you indicated the routers previously had Ethernet backhaul

    Just give them the same SSID's and passwords, and if there is signal overlap just manually set the channels to avoid interference

    If you have a US model Alien, another option is to enable the Additional WiFi-5 Radio and then you can install some of the standalone HD MeshPoints in 3rd Party mode for additional coverage

    You still have to manage the HD MeshPoints separately, but they will work as pseudo-mesh extenders

  • Mikael and Derek, thank you both for your replies.

    Good news. UI did finally respond and they agree that the Alien unit was not a proper replacement. They have sent me a label to return the Alien unit and will be sending out a new AmpliFi HD kit in its place.

  • @PhilipM-DLF Thanks for sharing your story. I am in a similar situation and was surprised to receive the Amplifi Alien replacement that will unfortunately not work for me given the other stand alone amplifi hd units I have. I just replied to RMA so hoping they will respond similarly.

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