Controlling radio channels on Mesh Units

  • @UI-AmpliFi I have an Alien router with two Aliens hardwired as mesh units. I selected DFS on the Web UI, and I noticed one day that radar was interfering with one of the mesh units but not the main router. Usually, when radar appears on the main router, I simply go to “Wireless” tab on the app, go to “Advanced” and deselect “Auto”, change the channel, save, and then repeat the process to go back to “Auto” channel selection. This resolves the radar issue on the main router and allows it to use DFS again.
    But, when radar shows up on a mesh unit, I see no way of changing the mesh unit’s channel to “reboot” DFS. Seems I can’t do this on the app or the web UI. So is there a way to configure a particular mesh unit’s channel? Or do I need to completely reboot the mesh unit to re-activate DFS (as I did over the weekend)?
    Not sure why I can control the channel of the main router and not able to control the channel of a hardwired mesh unit.

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