Confirmed issue with Google Chromecast and Google Home causes temporarily Wifi drops around the world

  • Pretty sure it doesn’t affect AmpliFi hardware.

  • I believe it is affecting my Amplifi hardware. I've noticed numerous times in the past month or two my connection on my laptop will die around 11PM-Midnight. Typically I would have to restart the Amplifi system to get everything back in order. Now that I am aware of these problems with the Google casting devices I have taken a different approach.

    For the past two nights, when my laptop suddenly stopped receiving data, I have instead gone into the Amplifi application and paused all Google casting devices on my network (1 Chromecast, 3 Google Home speakers). Both tonight and last night, the very second I paused the first Google device my network traffic resumed on my laptop.

  • I've got Google Chromecast and home devices on my AmpliFi and haven't had any problem.

    Are you on the beta firmware?

  • I've not experienced this problem. I work from home 60 hrs/wk and all of our TV service goes over WiFi in one way or another (including our whole house DVR system). Given that we have a toddler who watches TV quite a bit and listens to music a lot, I'd have expected to have experienced this regularly.

    I have 12-18 Cast devices on our network (depends on what counts for phones, laptops, and other auxiliary Cast devices like that). About 5 of them are regularly used, the rest are much less regularly used. Our network is currently just 3x AFi-R devices in a wireless backhaul setup running beta firmware (I'm about to get some Meshpoints involved again once I have time to start our network from scratch again).

    Of course, lack of proof is not proof that it doesn't happen. I've just not yet observed a problem and I certainly would have expected to if it was happening to us.

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