Performance throughput real time and historical

  • I've recently been close to exceeding my Comcast data caps, so I've started exploring the Amplifi app more frequently to understand more about my usage. It is unclear to me if the statistics displayed in the app, under the Performance section, include both inside network traffic and outside network traffic. For example, when I go to the Devices section, I can see my Sonos wireless speakers generating a good amount of traffic (via the throughput column on the Devices section). But I can't imagine that that is traffic going outside my network since I'm not streaming audio but instead using my Sonos for my speakers for my TV. So this leads me to believe that the throughput displayed is showing me the internal traffic (as well as external). Assuming that is correct, does that mean that when I review the statistics in the Performance section, that those stats too include both just internal network traffic plus external traffic? And more importantly, does the page where one can reset the historical stats, include all network traffic, not just a running total of traffic going outside of my network? I hope this makes sense--I guess I'll find out!

  • Would be nice to get an answer here?

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