Private relay not compatible

  • is anyone else getting the alien is not compatible with private relay? I thought it was my pihole but I removed that. Still getting an error trying to use private relay. Anyone have a fix or an idea?

    Reset network settings
    Rebooted everything
    Disabled pihole
    Running the latest alien rc and now on ios 15.1. Was on 15 but upgraded to see if it was a bug.


  • I am having the same issue with Alien runing the latest firmware.

    Any thoughts on how to solve this?

    LE: Apparently, Private Relay was down last night for an update. Everything works great right now.

    @sschmelcke Please note that some VPNs (including Adguard) might interfere with Private Relay.

  • This was actually caused by the pihole. I resolved it today.

    Modify the pihole-ftl.conf file in \etc\pihole
    Add the following and save the file. BLOCK_ICLOUD_PR=false

    Restart dns services. Turn private relay off and back on. Now private relay works. I just shut it off for my specific network and let the pihole do its thing until I leave the house.

  • So the choice becomes, allow Private Relay to work, but lose Pi-Hole ad blocking, or just disable Private Relay for your home network (let Pi-Hole continue to block) and only use Private Relay when you leave the home network.

    Allowing Pi-Hole to continue to block while at home seems to be the better option.

    Thanks for the command, I would have never found it otherwise.

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