Multi-Gig Alien Router

  • Any plans to offer a Multi-Gig Alien?

  • Would be nice, but too late for those of us with one. It would not be hard to give us the option to link aggregate though using one of the LAN ports. Or even load balance off of two ports from your modem to give up to 2,3,or 4gig. Even Windows Servers can do this and it requires nothing on the switch side ( modem from ISP) just more than one physical connection to said modem, and it teams them together. While no one client could get more than 1gig on it's own, at least if one port is consumed, and you have a 2gig plan, then other clients could use the rest of the bandwidth.

  • @Popescu-Sorin To add, if they do this and honestly at this price point they need to in order to be competitive, I hope they make it 6e and backwards compatible with the original Alien as I would have no issues buying additional router and using the old ones as a mesh. You'll end up with some ap's 6 and some 6e but I don't really care. 6e is years away yet from being common on clients.

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