Using Frontier FiOS with Alien

  • So I plan on purchasing the Alien router and Mesh but I have Frontier FiOS which serves as router and modem. Do I just connect the Alien to the Frontier modem? I hear some have had issues doing it? Or does the router replace the Frontier provided one? the ONT is on a panel outside the house. Its not inside... the gateway modem is in a small panel inside the laundry room. If it does replace the Frontier modem how do I do that? I don't have FiOS TV, its just the internet

  • @Richard-Cardenas said in Using Frontier FiOS with Alien:

    Frontier FiOS

    Would really depend on what's coming from the ONT. If its a standard RJ45(Ethernet) port/end theoretically you could connect your laptop and see if you get an IP. If you get an Public IP, you should be good to connect the Alien router to it. If you have other network runs in the house from the wall panel, you can always connect those lines together to try to get the alien router into another room. Just really depends on how the low voltage wiring is done in your house.

    If you don't you don't get an IP, you might have to call Frontier FiOS and see what they require or have them send a Technician. Another idea is to find a local IT professional and pay for their services to help you.

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