Amplifi HD and Alien random reboots

  • I have person who has a direct ethernet connection from a Cisco switch, they had purchased an Amplifi HD and had a problem of it rebooting randomly, support replaced it with an Amplifi Alien and it is doing the same thing but not as often. I do not see any errors on the Cisco switch for that port, the line has been tested and they are getting a gig network connection.
    The rebooting is happening 2-3 times a day randomly, the person is insisting that it is the switch, but when they used a Linksys router while they were waiting for the Alien to arrive they had no loss of connectivity at all.
    I am at a loss about what to do as I have not seen this problem with the other 20-25 users that are using Amplifi routers (Instant, HD, Gaming).

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