Slow Speed Test from Router - Picking wrong Site

  • 2 new Aliens, both tested as routers before put into mesh. Both same issue. Both attached to Bell home Hub in bridge mode. Getting 450 down, 450 up. The Orbi I just tested and Asus were getting 940 up/dwn with the Asus getting 700 up/dwn. Seems to me the internal test on the Alien just picks a bad site to test. I'm in NFLD, Canada ,and it should be picking something closer, but seems fixated on using something in Montreal. We need to be able to choose our speedtest sites. BTW Mesh to router speed test is max as expected via wire at ~940

  • I noticed the same thing. When I use the built-in speed test on the router, it connects to some weird ISP in Saskatoon called RedBird Communications where it will only do about 350 Mbps down. If I use the Ookla speed test from the browser, I get more realistic test results.

  • I just had another discussion with someone online again yesterday claiming their new Alien was slower than their previous router due to this speed test issue. They were about to return it until I explained to them about running speed test on a pc instead.

    You need this fixed ubiquiti.

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