Multiple wifi networks after switching from 3 eero pro mesh

  • So, I dumped my Eero pro 6 wifi setup, and bought 3 alien routers, and meshed them together...what a difference, and my speeds and connectivity are better than they have ever been!

    one weird thing though; I now have multiple wifi networks showing up on my phone and devices, and, even though all of them will "work" if I use my login and password that I originally used, but I get a wide range of wifi speeds, depending on which one I use; one of them gives me over 900 MB (on a 1 gig cox fiber line) almost everywhere in my house, whereas some of them only give me about 150 mb speeds in the same spot.
    some of these "new" wifi networks end in "5X", or "5G"or "2X"; some of them are called "*****-router 5G", or ******router 2X" or a variation of that..

    can someone explain to me what this is?
    I'm not complaining, and everything, including old IOT 2.4ghz stuff connects instantly, I'm just trying to understand how this all came about..
    thanks for your help!

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