Poor 2.4 GHz Range

  • Anyone else have issues with the 2.4 range? I have two routers, and I find both of them to have bad range. With my 6 yr old Asus with Merlin on (87U) it had better range. So while my house is fine inside with a wired mesh, outside is literally dead. I had concerns with getting this over a dream machine pro and AP's, I fear I made the wrong choice. I tried different channels, I scanned the neighborhood. neighbors are far away, all detached homes with lots of land. But I can stand just outside my office where the router is, and wireless is not very strong at all.
    5 gig range seem good, very good. But it's not going to go the distances I need. But the Asus did.

    House is 28x40. Just a normal house, no concrete or anything. land is 80x120. Canada btw

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