Screen suggestion

  • After a week of using this, there are few things I'd like to see these nice screens so.

    1. Grow another inch wider lol My aging eyes struggle with this. Or larger fonts
    2. Lose the Wiifi Experience entirely. Completely useless number with no meaning or explanation whatsoever. My weakest devices are at 25% signal strength on 2.4 or 5 GHz, and yet get over 85% Wifi Experience ?!?!? Totally useless information. I want to see signal strength so I can instantly troubleshoot certain clients
    3. I want to be able to actually go into client detail. Right now, you tap on a client....nothing happens
    4. We need separated graph for WAN and LAN speeds. I don't know what is what right now on the main screen, it's just lumped together into "Networks".
    5. This has been mentioned, but my speed test is completely useless because it points to the wrong speedtest site, making it seem my Alien is half as fast as my Asus, orbi, and other products I've tested lately. For those less techie types, they aren't going to understand this, they'll just see the slower number, think the Alien is junk and bring it back. I've actually seen this very thing in other forums.
    6. Touch to tap on. Yes, there is a way to sort of do this now with night mode. But I want a true touch to tap screen on, including an option to turn the bottom LED on with it. Why? because. Then have it it auto turn off after 60 seconds or whatever.
    7. On the Mesh AP, I want to see a page where it lists only what is on that AP. Right now it just mirrors the router. I don't want to lose that feature, just add the ability to see only the mesh connections.
    8. Would be nice to have a reboot option on the screen without having to pull the plug.
    9. Instead of having the screen go black after a period of time, make it a full clock. I have one right next to my bed on a nightstand. Would make a great clock, vertical of course, and it even has a speaker in it, you could technically even make it an alarm clock lol. Touch the screen to turn off the alarm. Plus, again with the touch to tap on the screen I said earlier, that little LED light on the bottom is bright. It sits on your night stand, doubles as a clock, and you could tap the screen to light up the room a bit as a night light for a second, tap it again turn it off. All the parts are there. It's a got a cool screen, do stuff with it.

    Anyone else?

  • This post is deleted!

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