WiFi 6 Mesh Point Support

  • Upgraded to AT&T 320-505 router which supports WiFi 6 support. I understood that the Mesh Points do not support ax mode. I did expect the mesh points to support ac/ax mode. The mesh points did not work when the 320-505 was set to support ac/ax mode. The 320-505 mode had to be configured to mode ac without ax mode. I expected the combination of ac/ax would be backward capability. It is not.

    We need stand-alone supported WiFi 6 mesh points that work with 3rd party routers.

    My WiFi has stabilized with the 320-505 router 2.4 & 5 GHz set to ac and backward. ax mode had to be removed in the router.

    As there are more and more ax supported clients we need standalone mesh points to support WiFi 6. It would be great if the current mesh points could be upgraded via firmware if the hardware will support it.

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