Configuration pains with a multiple Mesh Router Setup

  • I purchased 3 mesh routers and 3 mesh points. The idea is to have a large mesh network routed through one mesh router connected to the cable router. For clarity ( i leave out the mesh points for this story):

    Internet is connected to Ziggo connect Box (in bridge modus).
    Router one named BLS-PHK is connected with it's wan port to the Ziggo connect box.
    Router two named BLS-PHK-R2 is connected with the wan port to port 1 of BLS-PHK.
    Router three named BLS-PHK-R3 is connected with the wan port to port 2 of BLS-PHK.

    The chat help is trying their best but not really solving my problems.

    The first thing that is a hindrance is that you need to daisy chain the routers if you want to put them in backbone modus.
    This is not possible so only BLS-PHK-R3 is in backbone modus. Helpdesk says it is what it is for now (hope the techs understand this is unpractical).

    The major problem however is the routing.
    I have problems with reaching my stora and my hue bridge.
    The hue bridge is on BLS-PHK-R3, without the router my apps can find it, with the router I have to put in the ip address manually.
    The stora I can see and i can reach it in upnp mediaserver modus but I can't connect a windows share on it. Without the router it works fine and with any other router it works fine as well.

    Any advice on how to correctly configure my setup?

    Should i put the ziggo router in normal mode and put the mesh routers in bridge mode?

    It's a 1k euro investment so i would like it to work properly.

  • @lion-van-koppenhagen It appears that the source of the problems is R3 not working in mesh point mode. It would put its clients behind NAT, complicating access. Does your app show two separate systems?

    What if you removed the Ethernet cable from R3, factory reset it and added it as a wireless backhaul mesh point? Maybe it switches to wired mode if you plug the cable back in. I will check if this is a known limitation or a bug.

  • @lion-van-koppenhagen Can you collect support info and send it to

  • @ubnt-gunars Hi, at the moment i'm working abroad so I will not be able to work on this till I'm back or till I can instruct my housemate.

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