AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.2

  • @whaleman Thx.
    and yeah, DFS on for me as well (80 Mhz only). Worked perfectly since 3.6.0 but I do have the dropouts with 3.6.2

  • seems like i have been having connection issues since updating from 3.5.2. Alien either stops broadcasting wifi or I have authentication issues. Never had this on previous firmware.

  • I'm still having issues with Roaming. Any Device. Android phone, laptop etc. Two routers in Mesh, wired back haul. Routers are at least 45 feet apart, and my in my house that's like 70' in another home with normal walls, plus they are on different floors. If my phone/laptop etc does let go of one AP because sometimes it won't, when it connects to the closer one, the signal strength will be weak, say 50%. If I turn off my wireless and back on, it'll jump back up to 85-90%- etc. So at the end of the day, roaming for me isn't really working automatically, I'm better off turning off/on the wireless on the client. I see the same issues with my static clients, IOT devices where they should connect to the closer AP, but they do not. Binding those would help. I'm trying my best here to only run 1 SSID because it only confuses everyone in the house with more.

    Also, band steering isn't reliable. I've got two far out camera's, they are too far away for 5gig, hitting around ~15% on 5 gig, and no way will they let go of the 5gig and jump on the 2.4. This is where I may be forced to use another SSID.

  • I just had the weirdest behaviour with my Alien -- The display went off touching it didn't help, I restarted it almost immediately from the app and the display came on again before it was fully restarted.

  • I have had nothing but trouble with 3.6.2. Google home keeps dropping wifi and refuses to come back. I also have another light that does the same. Also, my iPhone XR iOS 15 shows as connected but no internet until I turn wifi off and on. There are 25 devices connected all within the same room.

    Also, if you try to adjust LED brightness the router crashes and becomes unresponsive.

  • @ozplanet Hi, please reach out to our support team.

  • @UI-AmpliFi a quick update 3.6.0 is definitely worse. I reinstalled 3.6.2 and I continued to have issues but…

    I had guest mode on with active connections. I have since turned off guest mode and things seemed to have settled for the light that was having troubles no longer has trouble.

    Google home decides from time to time to stop connecting at no fault of the router.

    My phone I believe is an iOS issue because I get the same issues connected to an ASUS router.

    I’m afraid to try adjusting the led brightness to see if the router still crashes.

  • 21 days on 3.6.2 without any issues. This is the longest I’ve gone without having to reboot the router.

    On the last day both HomePod mini and HomePods wouldn’t connect and were throwing a wifi error.

    Rebooting HomePods didn’t fix it

    Rebooting router didn’t fix it

    Second reboot of router did and no disconnections since

    Definitely a move in the right directions with resolving HomePod issues

  • Also have to say that 3.6.2 has been extremely stable for a number of weeks
    My Neat Cams have never kept a connection so well and no iOS roaming issues anymore.

  • @Gary-Sing Hi, Gary. Please check if your Homepods are updated to iOS 15.1. In our test lab 15.1 is much more stable than previous versions.

  • After 24 days of uptime, v3.6.2 seems to be pretty stable. I am not seeing the HomePod Mini disconnects either. Speeds are stable and no complaints.

    However has anyone noticed Ethernet disconnects? I had a cable run across the house to a switch (PS5, Apple TV). I notice that while gaming the switch loses connection for a few seconds and comes right back. The green light on the switch goes out and comes back. PS5 reports lan cable unplugged and then reconnect. Not sure if its switch related or router related.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh

    I’m not running the connection full-tilt full time, but I do use GeForce NOW on a MacBook Pro wired over Ethernet and I haven’t noticed any hiccups during streaming at all. Our other wired devices seem to be solid too (but streaming GeForce NOW would probably be a better indicator of any momentary dips).

    I’ve got two gigabit switches connected that don’t seem to have any connection drops. I’ll report back if that changes.

    Do you have another switch to try?

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh Thank you for your feedback. If you can generate a support file and submit a support ticket right after the issue we should quite quickly determine what is the issue.

  • @UI-AmpliFi its actually on 15.1.1 now so lets see how long this goes before there are issues 🙂

  • @dwightpro I could try another switch but the issue happens so infrequently so it’s hard to tell where the issue issue.

    Another weird thing was that the first time I connected the switch to the router it took a few seconds to show as active, compared to other devices on the switch with showed up as active immediately.

    Will have to keep monitoring it.

  • No issues here with wired. I've got a HP switch plugged into the Alien with port set to Auto. I can't force 1000 full on my switch. I'm easily getting 1 gig on all my wire devices. Yes ps5 and xsx too.

  • Installed 3.6.2 last night from 3.4.0 with no issues. Have a combo of Apple, Microsoft, home office and smart TV devices (both wireless and wired) with no issues. Been holding off with previous releases based on the comments, but this release looks very solid!

  • @habbasi yeah the displays on the Alien are super flaky. Mine has been doing it on and off the entire time I've owned it. Sometimes rebooting helps, other times I have to use the web ui to shutdown the lcd controller and start it back up after some time. Sometimes firmware updates fix it. It works for days, weeks, months (never know), but inevitably fails and goes black (with the backlight still on) after some time.

  • @Matt-Anger I have mine set to stay off all day. I touch it to see it when I need it.

  • My screen is off the night and on the day and it is ok.
    Everything is ok for me with this 3.6.2 firmware, except my Apple TV connected some time in wifi 5 5GHz instead wifi 6 5GHz but it works well so it isn’t an issue to me

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