AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.2

  • All Apple here as well, 10 separate devices. Have never had a problem with our Alien. Really have never had any WiFi issues regardless of router brand. Just one reason why we stay with Apple devices. I always chalk up the majority of these issues that I read here, including any that I might have, to local implementation. Fortunately WiFi, other than an Arlo security camera that would drop it’s WiFi 6 connection daily, has never been an issue. Switched the security camera to the “Additional 5GHz” band and have not had any problems since.

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  • Had another issue that required a router reboot.
    This was wifi calling on the iphone with a tmobile mvno carrier, usmobile.
    I tried to enable wifi calling and it wouldn't enable.
    It gave me a tmobile error screen.
    I rebooted the iphone but it still gave same error.
    But rebooting the router and it enabled just fine.
    It was previously enabled.
    But it has probably not worked for a week or more as I noticed I was not getting texts, as I'm usually in airplane mode with wifi enabled and wifi calling on, as my basement has weak cellular signal.
    So it appears this silently stops working. No indication on the phone.

  • @Daniel-Osers

    So far it has been well over a month now and I have not had to reboot the Alien router due to the 5 ghz band problem with my iPhone. It appears turning off hardware acceleration solved this problem. This and random disconnects of our lollipop baby monitors have been the only issues. The lollipop disconnections were solved with a firmware update.

  • @Brett-S

    To be honest I’m still kinda worried to update to 3.6.2 but I’m thinking since it has been quite some time before anyone has posted any problems it maybe is considered as a stable version now?

  • @M-D I'm at 134 days with no rebooting required. 60 devices. North American version. I work from home in IT so I rely on reliable internet.

  • @newfubq
    Perfect thanks!

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