AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.6.2

  • AmpliFi firmware v3.6.2 for AmpliFi HD, Instant and Teleport hardware has been released.

    Release notes:

    • Fixed Standalone MeshPoint mode connectivity issue
    • Minor improvements

    We use a gradual rollout and it may take up to a week for the devices to receive this update.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Still no implementation of user requests.

  • Update HD remotely. All devices reconnected and no issues noted. Teleport working on iOS 15 dev beta as expected.

  • @chermus Exactly what are you asking for?

  • Once after update, my meshpoint unable to cascade through another meshpoint. Only connect to the main router. Once I roll back the firmware to 3.6.1 on both router and meshpoint, the troubled meshpoint would connect back to the other meshpoint for internet.

    I have tried reboot 3-4 times after the update on the meshpoint and still won't connect to the other meshpoint which is sitting in between the router and itself.

  • None of my ethernet ports are gigabit anymore. What's doing?

  • This update reset bridge mode. Took me forever to figure out why nothing was working anymore, except for the WiFi on the box that is directly connected to the modem.

  • Upgraded yesterday, no issues. Network has a mix of Mac, Windows, iOS, and various other devices (mostly printer). Everything seems to be happy.

  • @James-Earl-Ford

    Well the most important for me, just a simple change. DHCP server-class A and B possibilities.
    Be able to add a second Mesh SSID... one for my network, one for my smarthome and one for my guests.

    These are not huge time-consuming requests.

  • @mleeds I’m still running 3.1.2 so are you the few that can successfully run 3.6.2? What’s your setup? I have main router, back haul router and 3 antennas and with everyone working home I’m not sure I want disruptions from all the issues with latest firmware…

  • @Rich-Sammon I have a 3 router mesh and no problems with connections on 2.4/5 or wired..

  • Hi all,

    I have been running six different systems for 10+ days without any problems.

    The setups are:

    -Instant routers
    -Amplifi HD routers
    -Amplifi Gamers Edition router

    All of above routers serves around 50+ peoples and ca: 100+ devices.

    There are a mix of Android, Apple, Windows, IoT devices and printers.

    All the best,


  • @Rich-Sammon Have an HD with two mesh units (ball antenna type) from kit. Yeah perhaps I'm one of the few, or perhaps mostly those that have issues post with the vast majority of users who have no issues either not posting or not even aware of this forum. I've no way to know.

  • Have only a AmpliFi HD router (reaches whole 2300 sq.ft. house) that I updated yesterday to 3.6.2. Wireless speeds are slightly higher than prior f/w release. Experiencing no problems.

  • Anyone else having "stability" problems with v3.6.2? My Zoom meetings, even conferences in which the meeting is just downloading video stream constantly (every 30min or so) says "Your internet connection is unstable" and statistics from Zoom show only around 640kbps stream which is nowhere near my theoretical 100Mbps downlink. Same seems to be with all streaming type (youtube etc.). Reboot fixes something for a while. Toggling Hardware NAT for wired and A-MSDU for Wireless have no effect on the symptoms.

  • From my side, Teams (several hours per days) and Messenger work perfectly.

  • Oh man, same story every time for me when I risk updating the firmware. everything restarts and nothing connected via ethernet shows up. unplug and replug everything, restart ethernet switch and things appear. sometimes. apple airplay receivers don't work and can't get any stability with anything hardwired. weirdly wireless works fine, mostly. try removing a static IP address from one airplay receiver and it makes everything else drop off, regardless of whether it has a static or dynamically assigned IP. making a change to one device kills everything.

    some devices are working on the network but not showing in the amplifi app on iphone or web. Apple TV currently connected and I can airplay to it over wifi, but it's not in the device list on either interface!?!

    pretty much a miserable experience with every firmware update.

  • @Jari-Seppälä @UI-AmpliFi
    Had to downgrade to 3.6.1 today. Wife's iPad constant was showing connection errors with Hulu. Her work VPN was painfully slow and internal services running Bonjour would not connect. Downgrade resolved all the issues and restored services. We are a mix of Android and (reluctantly Apple) and both were affected.

  • I learned today that once you update your firmware to 3.6.2 you can only go back to 3.6.1 unless you were smart enough to download and keep a copy of previous firmware download file versions as I run v3.1.2 so still looking for some latest feedback in 2022 after 3 months rollout of 3.6.2 if it is worth the headaches or benefits to update or should I stay where I am on 3.1.2 til the HW does???🤔

  • Hi @Rich-Sammon - it used to be that the rollback feature took you to your previously installed firmware revision, but you might want to confirm that is still the case by chatting with Support or sending a DM to @UI-AmpliFi

    And if you run into issues you can typically submit a Support Info file and obtain a download link to an earlier known good firmware release for your setup

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