Another FAN concern

  • So I've searched on what is normal for the temps and fan, and there seems to be a lot of concern with heat. Rightfully so because these run warm. I have 2 routers in a mesh. My main router with probably 30+ wireless devices on it, mostly IOT, and plugged into my LAN runs about 58C-60 at most with a fan that never seems to stop and is consistently ~700rpm. Nothing wrong here. It's a little warm to the touch but not concerning. This one is in my cool basement, room is temperature controlled for guitar collection. If I turn the heat up in the room, and the Alien Approaches 63C, the fan spins faster accordingly.

    My Mesh though, has maybe 8 things on it. Phones, Alexa's etc. Very warm, that thing runs at 67C or more, and the fan is either at 0 or 2200's. It's typically zero until I run a few speed tests to give it a load, and then the fan kicks in which I can hear. This one is in a room kept at around 20C all day.

    So the warmer unit, is in the warmer room, is running 10C more and the fan is hardly ever on?

  • @newfubq From the HD spec sheet: Operating Temperature 14 to 131° F (-10 to 55° C). From the Alien spec sheet: Operating Temperature 14 to 113° F (-10 to 45° C).

    You might consider external cooling.

  • If this thing needs external cooling in a room that's barely 20C and is on a stand all open around it with no heat sources not even sun light....I think there's another problem. Like, turn the fan on more often. I'm in Canada not exactly a desert lol.

  • According to Support, if anyone else is having this issue. Normal is 60-73C which to me is far too high. The fan should be cutting in before it hits 60, not when it hits 67. This should be easily fixed via firmware. Why it hasn't is very odd.

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