No IP address shown when using IPv6

  • With the IPv6 option disabled, when I click on the diagnose button I can see the IPv4 IP address assigned by my ISP. When I enable IPv6 no IP address (neither IPv4 or IPv6) is showing, No errors are reported (all green ticks shown).

    IPv6 itself is working absolutely fine when I test it at and I can see the expected IPv6 (and IPv4) address reported. It just doesn't show on the diagnose page in the Amplifi HD IOS app.

    I have only been using IPv6 since v3.6.0 of the IOS app. This anomaly was also present in v3.6.1 and is also in the latest version v3.6.2. I even did a factory reset of the router after the v3.6.2 update but it is still not showing any IP address.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a bug?

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