Hello! This is Chance with AmpliFi Support.

  • Hey all!

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out the AmpliFi Community! I'm Chance with the AmpliFi Support team, and am here to offer help and support for anything AmpliFi related. I'm very excited for the launch of the community and for the opportunity to work more closely with AmpliFi users.

    One of my favorite features of AmpliFi is the flexibility of being able to add as many additional standalone devices to the system as needed. I especially love the ability to use the standalone Mesh Router as either a wireless or wired mesh point.

    Feel free to reach out and let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance.

    Welcome to the AmpliFi Community!

  • Yes!!! I like that too. The flexibility it offers but still being super easy to set up.

  • I should say, working with Chance is a pleasure!

  • Hey Chance

    Question for you. I bought two HD kits for a location. First one no problems. Setup network "A". With the second one I wanted to use the router as a mesh point and then connect some ethernet devices to it, and then use the two extra mesh points -- all three devices as part of network "A".

    I was unable to do this, the router seemed to go through the motions in setup, but then I would get "something went wrong" errors.

    I gave up, and decided to return and give a standalone router and two mesh points a shot. Did I do the right thing?


  • Ok. Answered my own question. If anyone else is doing research here's the deal.

    The kits (one router, two mesh points) cannot be mingled. If you get a kit and want to expand, you have to get separates. You CAN add another router as a mesh and then use it's Ethernet ports to get Ethernet devices onto the network. It works quite well. Better than airport. However, if it loses connection it requires a hard reboot and I don't know of a way to monitor it besides manually.

  • Hey @rob-maigret!

    You're correct, you want to start with a kit and then add as many additional standalone devices as needed. You can add both standalone mesh points as well as standalone routers to your system, and they are configured as mesh points.
    I'm concerned by the additional router requiring a hard reboot to reconnect though. Is the additional router showing up on the Overview/System tab of the AmpliFi App, or is that router showing up under the Family tab? You'll want that router to show up on the Overview/System tab of the App, if it isn't then it may not have been configured correctly as an additional mesh point on your system.

    Here's an article for how to configure a Standalone HD Router as a mesh point for an existing AmpliFi System. If you are not configuring your additional router for Ethernet Backbone, then just follow steps 1 through 4.


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